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Rom Vazquez is a Mexican artist, born and raised in Merida (Yucatán, Mexico). Beside living his dream and passion as a DJ, he is a studied audio engineer from SAE BARCELONA and currently regarded as one of the best electronic music producers of México. He was a fundamental part of the birth of the electronic music culture movement in the south of Mexico - Yucatán, Tulum, Playa del Carmen, Cozumel. In the early 2000s he was committed as resident DJ in several clubs and organized electronic music parties on his own.

In Spring of 2021 he made Vienna his new home base and was already able to show his broad electronic music skills in prestigious and well-known clubs and events like Fish Market (Grelle Forelle), Replay (Opera Club), Cage by Circus (Babenberger Passage), Vertigo (LOFT), Love Ball NYE 2023 (Camera Club), Ken Club (Das Werk), GM2 (Club Exil), as well as parties outside of Austria like Triton ( Budapest ) and as a music producer live at the Calle Organica Art Project at the Museum Quartier, MQ.

In 2023 he launched his latest, deep and authentic project - the redefinition of himself as DJ Rom Vázquez by connecting his roots in Mexico, developments while living in different spots around the world, and his present influence and life in Vienna. Taking this Cultural and Life Experiences to sharpened in a personal style and grew new characteristics. These are now the essentials to defining part of DJ Rom Vázquez. His style to play Techno, Tech House, also influenced by Trance, in an energetic, tribal and catching way, is unique.

There’s just one thing that will always stay the same: He follows his instinct and passion to connect with the audience and spreads his joy from the first till the last minute of his performance.
For him music is always the answer.

#DJRomVazquez #technowithasmile
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