2LOOM Euphoria
Bunker under Shebeen (1070 Vienna)
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20 / 05 / 2023
There was definitly something awakening in the depth of the 7th district in Vienna! After a fantastic first 2LOOM - The First Contact party, The White Rabbit found another loom in the ground. The euphoria about this discovery is ON!!!

2LOOM combines the feeling of a 90s rave in Europe with the progressive, energetic, tribal style of our resident DJ Rom Vazquez from Yucatan, Mexico. He will be supported by local dj artists.
With „Euphoria“ we continue the 2LOOM party series and invite you to celebrate it with us again till morning dawn!

We are open minded, respectful people, welcoming everyone, no matter of age, gender, sexual orientation, believes and style. We want you to feel free to be you and able to express yourself.
    Resident DJ
    Guest DJ

Resident DJ

Rom Vazquez is a Mexican artist, born and raised in Merida (Yucatan, Mexico). Beside living his dream and passion as a DJ, he is a studied audio engineer and currently regarded as one of the best electronic music producers of Mexico. He was a fundamental part of the birth of the electronic music culture movement in the south of Mexico - Tulum, Playa del Carmen, Cozumel. In the early 2000’s he was committed as resident DJ in several clubs and organized electronic music parties on his own.

In 2021 he made Vienna his new home base and was already able to show his broad electronic music skills in prestigious and well-known clubs and events like Fish Market (Grelle Forelle), Replay (Opera Club), Cage (Babenberger Passage), Vertigo (LOFT), Loveball (Camera Club), Das Werk and Calle Organica (Museums Quartier, MQ) – all in Vienna.

In 2023 he launched his latest, deep and authentic project. The redefinition of himself as DJ Rom Vázquez by connecting his roots in Mexico, developments while living in different spots around the world, and his present influence and life in Vienna. He outgrew and left some attitudes behind and sharpened others and grew new characteristics. These essencials are now the defining part of DJ Rom Vázquez. And also in future he follows his instinct and passion to connect with the audience and spread his joy from the first till the last minute of his performance

#DJRomVazquez #technowithasmile


Guest DJ

Sabrina aka Purrdition was born and raised in Vienna. Her career as a DJ began when she

joined the collective hausgemacht. Since then she has been playing at venues all over Vienna.

Creative activities have always been an outlet for her - whether it’s painting, photography,

spinning records or building beats. Techno feels like home for Sabrina.

Driving basslines,sizzling hi-hats and hypnotic grooves make her heart go „YEAH!“. Her style ranges from Progressive House to Hard Techno. She loves trancy and rhythmic elements and hard drops.

2LOOM takes place in a former bunker under Shebeen - International Pub.

Lerchenfelder Straße 45-47, 1070 Vienna
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